Top Ideas for Xmas Gifts

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths

Yay!!! It’s Christmas once again and in between all my tasks as a mummy and working full time, its time to organize the most expected party of the year.

At the moment I am buying the presents and ordering food and drinks for the big day. To be honest, the gentlemen on the list every year are a massive challenge to me. Usually they end up with a wallet, a tie or a funky pen… but this year all changed when i receive some friends  for an evening in my garden and i realized that i didn’t have a wine bottle opener. It gave me the idea and i am sure that every single male from my gifts list who receive it will love.


I choose Rhino by Avina Accessories available at and here in the UK, it is available at Amazon as a gift set for £13.99.


The set includes a corkscrew bottle opener and a stopper kit. The quality is fantastic, it is beautifully presented and the value is excellent. I am in love with mine and it does a great job. I am positive that my loved ones will love this gift.


Now about wines, you know the colleague that you don’t know much about but you know that she loves deserts, strawberries and wines.

I can’t tell yet who the colleague is so not spoil the surprise but i tried and loved and I am sure she will love it too.

To this beautiful girl who I don’t know much about, I picked Fragolino Bottega Rosso Sparkling. Available at Amazon UK from £12.99.




Its my favourite sparkling at the moment. It must be served chilled and its sweetness is remarkable. I used to drink homemade fragolino when i was living in Toscana, Italy and this bottle does not disappoint. All I can say is that it tastes what i imagine the waters in heaven would taste. It is a shame that I don’t need to use my bottle opener 🙂


Next tips coming up soon.


Hope you enjoyed.