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If you have interest to know my profession, my training and what I do in my day to day, all the information is below… But only if you want to know about me:

♡ I’m the other you ♡

I’m on this plane of existence, time and space, a being deeply in love for other human beings and absolutely committed to the idea of helping humanity, individually and collectively, to move towards awakening to the reality that we have absolute control of our own lives. We are all co-creators, the center of our universe, the projector located at the bottom of the movie theater, where the film actually happens, everything else is a blank screen, just the play of light and shadows. I am a person whose greatest mission is allowing me to be who I am, a perfect divine essence, increasingly – and hopefully this will help you recognize yourself the sacred in you and in all beings. I do not care what your name is, your gender, your religion. If you are married or single, if you have children,  studied, what work you do, where you’ve been and what they’ve done, what interests me is whether you are ready to allow flowering and, like a flower bud, manifest abroad that exists within you – what has always existed and always will exist after you are no longer here, although it changes shape. My greatest desire is to help you understand the truth that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience: We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are the Universe, experiencing itself in our bodies.

♡ Welcome to my universe! ♡

✿   In Lak’ech: “You are my other I.”   ✿


.: What I’ve studied, What I’ve done, where I’ve been and what work was fun:.

First of all, I am a mother to a little boy. It is very challenging, but compensating.
I am an experienced Journalist and Producer, have been to Law University & Information Technology. After feeling professionally ’empty’, feeling that I wasn’t contributing to improve the world we live in, I decided to go back to school and change my entire life. I like to help and I deeply feel that it is my mission in this existence. But the whole history started when I was about five. The first experience was many years back, when my grandmother introduced to me the power of the mind. I was enchanted and afraid, I tried to run away from all the secrets and sacred sciences, but during the early 90’s I returned to it and passed years studying Numerology and Life Coaching.  Years later, I hold Higher International Diploma in Naturopathy and as well in Psychotherapy (Int. in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Therapy), Acupuncture and Homeopathy. I also studied Advanced Nutrition, Herbalism, Iridology, Aromatherapy & Organic Cosmetology, Shiatsu and Ayurvedic Medicine. Lately, I have finished my studies in Business Coaching. My work is my passion and my collection of passions makes my work. I am a Certified Practitioner in England; Author, Speaker, Yogi and Master in Guided Meditation.

I’m not sure if I feel very comfortable when people call me ”guru” but I absolutely love when my pupils call me ”Paz” (To me it means more than a nickname. In my mother tongue it can be translated as ‘peace’)

In July/2013 I have had my first book in English published in the U.K. – “Eunoia! My Mantra Today” which was a favorite technique from my clients and patients, observed for years and after very hard work it was put together in a manuscript. ॐ

The first half of 2013 was very important to me. Was on that semester that I finished a manuscript that concentrate and mix together all the natural sciences I studied the last years. This ‘guide’ also goes along with a deck of 80 illustrated cards. But it’s not about divination, the book itself is full of information of biology, history, medicine, homeopathy (including Dr. Bach Flowers Medicine/ Essences), aromatherapy and lots lots more!  And was in September/ 23th when  “Mandala Life Coach”  was published.

In 25th December 2014, after so many requests, ”Be Fit & Fab” was published, sharing all the secrets of how I lost 30 kilos.

In November/ 2015, I decided to create a much bigger and challenging project – “Be Unstoppable – Get Anything You Want” where I intend in a very positive way to help everyone who wants to leave the comfort zone and find a way to live a life that really fit the expectations.

And in October/ 2016, I have started a new health and fitness plan, along a public gratitude jar diary and after having been researching and writing content for a large number of companies for almost two decades, I decide to do it for myself.

2017 was a brilliant year. I have worked more than I should and consequently, i didnt find much time to write and print personal projects.

2018 is a big year to me. Turning 40, I also committed myself to big changes and I am working on it.

Hope you all enjoy my brand new site…..  🙂

∞  Very welcome on board   ∞

As you all asked, the I post next a little of my work here




ღ   the God who dwells in me honors the God who dwells in you   ღ