My TOP 10 Hair Products

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths

I love a great value product, but to be honest its not always the best maths brings the best results. As many times I have mentioned in the past, I adore beauty products but owning a ‘funky’ hair type,  finding the best products isn’t an easy task.

My hair is far too long – 86 cm at the moment, and I choose to keep on that way. Not only the length of it is what makes my care harder, but because it is ultra thin. In addition, my roots are badly greasy and the ends, deeply dry.

To try to improve my hair health, I do not have any colors or chemical treatments for the last 10 months and i have tried at least 100 different items this year alone, before finding the combination which is giving me a remarkable result.

Having dry ends isn’t fun. Before a wash, I spread about a mix made of one spoon of coconut oil and half spoon of argan oil to the ends, massage and leave. If I have the time, I warm the mix in water bath. At the moment, I am using both by InstaNatural who offers a great organic range. Available at Amazon.


I purchased a Tigi combo by accident and it was a lucky buy. This set makes gives my hair a ‘normal’ appearance. They are considerably cheap (average £15/ duo) and go a long way as each bottle is 750ml. Once a week, I like to apply a mask. I am using Tigi S Factor for a few months and I love it. It is helping lots the ends and has a lovely peppermint like scent. I got mine from Amazon for under £10.



My hair is ultra thin and untangling it is a hell. I devised this useful tip. I mix in my palm a squeeze of Sublimateur Jour by Kerastase and a pump of Aqua Serum by Loreal Elvive. Spreed all over and comb with easy. The Kerastase one is rare to find here in the UK and all this year i never found a product to replace it. Now and then, i manage to find it on eBay or Amazon or shops abroad. Its expensive (average £20.00) but it lasts long and is worth every single penny you put on it. The Loreal Elvive is available in every single supermarket and pharmacy around £5.00.


I comb my hair while washing it and after i lightly dry with the towel. Because my hair is very thin, I only use the brush after its almost dry or dry. The best comb I ever used is by Macadamia. It is very simple but well made and the teeth space is just perfect for my hair type.  I just got a new one, under £5 on eBay. I have a few different brushes, but the top one to me is the large paddle by Fudge. Fragrance Direct has the best deal – £6.99 for the black one (the grey is slightly more expensive).


To finalize, as i mentioned my hair is extra thin and consequently has no volume. This saint bottle solved it all and also works as a protector against the heat devices as dryer, straightener and so on. It is available at amazon for under £10 (well, today is black friday…)


Well, its my hair routine and my top ten hair products. I have been testing hundreds of products during these years, and this is the best combo i managed to find.


Hope you enjoyed.