Getting ready for Halloween


(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


I was raised very far away from the Halloween tradition, but i must confess that i love parties and it is one of my favorite ones.


I started with the lights for my front window. I ordered via Amazon pumpkin shaped led light strings. Each set is 2 meters long and counts 20 lights for £9.90 with next day delivery.


To decorate my front room, I got from eBay a bunting banner for £2.79.

paulatooths.comFor a while i was looking for tableware. I was at Asda and saw a lovely Mexican Skull collection designed specially for Halloween. They have cups, plates and napkins matching. Its £1.00 each pack with 12 pieces.


To keep my boys busy, I got a pumpkin cake kit from Tesco for £3.50 and all the other ‘pettit food’ I will create on the day (yep, I still don’t know what i will be cooking… but probably I will get some Halloween sausages from Lidl and organize a hotdog night. Their themed sausages are decorated with pumpkins and ghosts and cost £1.89 each jar with eight pieces)


Thanks to a very colorful TV advert, i ended up at Lidl yesterday and i was impressed with the Halloween variety. I got some bits and bobs but with no doubt they have the best prices on this seasons treats. The bag of sweets contains over a kilo and costs £3.79, the marshmallows from £1 and the chocolate lollies for £0.79 each.


And a house of Oreo’s addicts, could not be without the seasonal Oreos… Got it from Amazon (£9.99 per pack)


We choose something creepy to drink. Pepsi Crystal. Very rare to find here in the UK, but we found some at eBay for £3.49 including delivery.


As the 31st will be Monday, we will be partying next weekend and i was going to pick my pumpkins by Friday. But when i was at Lidl, i saw a well sized good quality ones for £0.79 each so I got two. Every year my son chooses a theme. Last year, we carved a Sonic The Hedgehog. This year he asked us Sans Undertale and I will use the template below.


In support to a campaign #carveaheart by @wordvisionuk, i will make a second pumpkin. If you also like the idea, you can find HERE the stencils and step by step.


Well, outfits…. My little one wanted to be dressed as Sans Undertale. To do so, he helped me to shop piece by piece online. The converse we ordered from Amazon for £19.99, the hoodie is by Fruit of the Loom for £3.49, as well a plain white t-shirt for £1.99. The stripped shorts is unbranded and cost me £4.99.


As every year, by my son request, I will be the good witch. I have the outfit for years but i decided to innovate and be a red hair one next weekend. All I needed to order was a ultra long bright red wig for £12.99 from Amazon.


Last but not least, I couldn’t forget my little canine son. We got him a Halloween devil themed outfits. Available on Amazon for £4.99 each including next day delivery.




I am pretty happy with all i have organised already, but i know myself and i am pretty sure that more will be added till the weekend.


Hope you have enjoyed!


Happy Halloween & see you soon,


x Paz