Lego Dimensions New Collection is out!!

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


Yes, I am a Lego addict and I thrilled with the new releases… I love it!

10 out 10!

Lego dimensions Level Pack 71245 Adventure Time

What a fantastic release by @LEGODimensions and @WarnerBrosUK, both the boys in my house absolutely love Adventure Time and this level pack which contains Jake mobile, Finn the human and Ancient Water Elephant means you can immerse your self in the Land of Ooo. The Characters are exactly as they are in the cartoon and with all the Lego Dimensions releases once unlocked you can add some of your older sets and have them join the adventure. The graphics are top quality again and the voices are the same as the ones you enjoy in the cartoon. This set has created hours of fun in our house and its an absolutely must for all Lego Dimensions fans.

Lego Dimensions Team Pack 71246 Adventure Time

A great addition to @LEGODimensions Level pack is this team pack add on which brings to life BMO, Jake the Dog, Lumpy Space Princess and Lumpy Car. If like our house you have the Adventure Time Level Pack this set is a must, it adds even more brilliant characters to life in the Land of Ooo! My son had a great time building this fantastic set and has been battling away with all these new team members. The quality is superb as always and the one liners from Jake the Dog make everybody laugh. @WarnerBrosUK and @LEGODimensions have smashed it again! Brilliant!

Lego Dimensions Team Pack 71247 Harry Potter

Another iconic release from @LEGODimensions breathes new life into the sensational Harry Potter brand, this pack contains Enchanted Car, Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort and the Hogwarts Express. This set allows you to bring all your favourites to life in a unique adventure, my family have grown up with Harry Potter so they couldn’t be more thrilled when this brilliant set was released, my boys love to do battle with Lord Voldemort and ride the Hogwarts Express throughout the Lego Dimensions. As with all these wonderful sets the ability to cross franchises is what truly brings the imagination to life and with this Harry Potter set fans won’t be left disappointed.

Lego Dimensions Level Pack 71248 Mission Impossible

@LEGODimensions and @WarnerBrosUK have nailed it again by introducing the awesome Mission Impossible set into the whacky world of Lego Dimensions, this pack comes complete with the  IMF Scrambler, IMF Sports Car and the main man Ethan Hunt. What a brilliant fun filled adventure this pack is, my family are big fans of the movies and all the characteristics that Ethan Hunt has are not lost on the game, its great fun to build and even more fun to play, my kids have been absolutely glued to this one and have thoroughly enjoyed the adventure as well as the ability to introduce some of there other @LEGODimenions favourites in to the game.

Lego Dimensions Fun Pack 71251 The A Team

Ahhh one of my absolute favourites was The A Team when I was growing up in the 80’s and who better to adventure with than the iconic B.A Baracus and his B.A Van! This set has had me glued to the screen with my kids and also created some new fans who were not so influenced by B.A as us older fans were. We have loved exploring various levels from Springfield to the Batcaave with B.A and his van and its an absolute must have for anybody who not only loves The A Team but wants to add so fun and humour to the @LEGODimensions level packs.

Lego Dimensions Story Pack Ghostbusters

WOW! @LEGODimensions and @WarnerBrosUK and really outdone themselves this time, This brilliant and huge story pack is so much fun,as a fan of the original Ghostbuster movies I was super excited when this new franchise was released and it made new fans of my young children who now having watched the movie love it as well. This huge set gives you Zhu’s Chinese Restaurant, Ecto-1 and Abby Yates and allows you to play the game as the entire movie. This really is something special and has followed the story to the word. Our entire family have had hours and hours of fun recreating the movie step by step and with the ability to introduce other @LEGODimansions characters into the story really does make it quite unique! one of the best packs released and with the not only the fun of building this set but the game play to I couldn’t recommend enough! If theres one set you want make it this one, just fantastic.

Theres really nothing bad to be said about the Lego Dimensions franchise and long gone are the days where you might have missing parts, everything is provided and often you end up with some spares. These packs will add hours of fun to the already brilliant game, the character cross overs within the game are endless and once again ill give this a full 5 stars!
Well done @LEGODimensions and @WarnerBrosuk for yet again providing complete value for money.
Hope you enjoyed the post.
See you soon…