Best U.K.’s Serum

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


I have received from Poppy Austin a beautiful and well designed bottle of a Restoration Serum enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Jojba Oil, Green Tea and Vitamin C.

I was a pump away only from a fresher and younger facial skin….

Fab serum! It’s my facial routine new best friend.

I am beauty skin care addicted and I try as much as I can test as many products I can in order to find the perfect one to me… I didn’t find yet and I am not sure if I ever will… I love serums in particular and as age is knocking to my door, I decided to go for this one.

My order was dispatched within the same working day and arrived early next morning, well packed. The product doesn’t come boxed but it is well protected, wrapped in a clear plastic bubble bag.

This product is presented in a huge Italian lab style rounded clear glass bottle with a silver & clear plastic pump and a clear soft plastic lid. On it’s label you will find the product’s feature, ingredients, directions of usage and extra information and contains 60ml – 2 fl oz. (It’s huge as standard size for serums is a 30ml bottle)

This serum is very light in weight, thin but consistent – reminding as a glycerin lotion or an aloe vera liquid gel – and it is cloudy white in colour. Its smell is extra light, almost imperceptible but to a good nose, it remembers a pure organic white tea.

The formula makes the usage very economic. You will only need about 3 to 5 pumps to the whole face.

My experience –

I perform my facial routine twice a day; in the mornings and on the evenings. I first cleanse well, then I spray some floral water and let it to absorb. The next step is the toner with a cotton pad and I dry the excess with a cloth or a paper (like kitchen towel roll for example). As I am using a vitamin c light lotion with sun filter, I apply it just after the toner and give my facial skin a few minutes to let it absorb well. Once the skin is completely dry again, I pump a few drops of Poppy Austin Hyaluronic Acid Restoration Serum to my finger tips and apply all over the face. If you like to apply to the neck and décolleté, you will need a few extra drops.

This serum absorbs to the facial skin promptly and does not leave any greasy residues.

My facial skin is naturally a combo type, dry on the edges and very oily on the T zone, very damaged by the sun & sun beds. After a few applications only, the skin appears to be much healthier and with a ‘normal type’ appearance. I am pretty much enjoying the experience and would buy again.

Facts –

This formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid (5%), vitamin c, jojoba oil and green tea.

Hyaluronic acid helps to  improve the firmness of skin, as well as assisting in the eradication (and prevention) of wrinkles, sagging, and signs of aging through retaining moisture. This acid also helps with the penetration of the other ingredients.

Vit C serums for facial use are typically used to improve the overall appearance and texture of skin including hyperpigmentation. The ingredients are, reportedly, designed to allow skin to repair and rejuvenate quickly and easily, resulting in more youthful, taut skin.

Jojoba Oil is packed with almost all of the vitamins and minerals essentially needed for healthy hair and skin, namely, vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium. It normally does not have any harmful impact and can be used by even those who are having sensitive skin without worrying for any allergic reaction. The interesting thing is that jojoba oil is actually not an oil, but a liquid wax.

Green tea is very rich in antioxidants and it is said to make ‘miracles’ to the health and skin, playing a detox rule and also acting as a rejuvenator; it can help delay signs of skin aging, such as sagging skin, sun damage, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Green tea improves the skin complexion and makes your skin healthy. It helps flush out toxins from the skin, heals blemishes and scars, and reduces inflammation. It even improves the skin’s elasticity. In addiction it fights acnes and pimples.

Conclusion –

This serum is a premium product formulated by This American Company now trading in the United Kingdom, with efficient ingredients; with uncountable pros as free from additives, parabens, silicones, alcohol, fillers and artificial fragrances; Cruelty free, what means that it is never tested on animals.

The product indeed offers an immediate freshness and speed results.

It has my five stars rating and I highly recommend. Honestly, you won’t regret!


The company also offer a beautiful range, available in their website and Amazon UK.


Hope you enjoyed!


See you soon….


Gratitude & Blessings,