Starwood Rope: 106 reps per minute

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


This High Speed Cable Jump Rope is very well presented in a travel black back and it also included a free extra cable and extra connectors.

Because I am much taller than average I had problems with ropes before. But absolutely not this time. The cable is approximately 3 metres long and it’s adjustable, making it right to your height. I also have checked the spare which is the same size.

These are by far the fastest of the ropes I have tested. In average we have performed 106 reps per minute.

The top points of this high speed rope are: Quality and lightweight.

The handles are not too big, and not too skinny and the material and design at the end helps with the grip.

Skipping rope (or often called jumping rope) is one of the best training discoveries I’ve made in any sport.

The benefits of this exercise could built a very long list – Unlikely to Lead to Knee Damage, Easy to Learn and Perform and it’s cheap to get started.

Jumping rope will improve your balance, conditioning, rhythm/ timing, coordination, footwork and power. In resume, it will build better efficiency.

It’s a complete and complex exercise.

And for the beginners who are seeking weight loss or want to built resistance it is the most recommended workout.

On my own experience, I can reply positively that it works.

So far so good…. Five stars from me.

Highly recommended.


Hope you enjoyed!


See you soon….


Gratitude & Blessings,