Latest Lego Dimensions’ Collection

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


Hi Guys

Today we received the latest collection from @LEGODimensions courtesy of @WarnerBrosUK and once again they have managed to add to the already amazing franchise with even more brilliant characters.

Ghostbusters Fun Pack 71241 (Slimer & Slime Shooter)

Slimer is a great addition to the game and really complements the Ghostbuster Team Pack. You can of course use all the characters anywhere and on any lever giving you limitless possibilities. Now my 6 year old son doesn’t know a great deal about the Ghostbuster franchise but he is getting to an age where I’m sure he will start to enjoy, especially with the new Ghostbusters movie coming to theatres this summer. The first thing he did when he put together the pack via the onscreen instructions is slime The Simpsons Homer which he loved and I’m sure is currently working his way around Springfield sliming anybody that gets in his way, add the Slime shooter to any level and great fun will be had. A absolute bundle of fun for kids and adults alike.

Batman Fun Pack 71240 (Bane & Drill Driver)

Now if you are a fan of Batman you will be well aware of one of his many enemies Bane and this fun pack won’t disappoint. Brilliantly designed and as always super easy to put together. Even though my son loves his heroes he also enjoys to be the bad guy from time to time and what better bad guy is there in batman currently than Bane! He comes with various options not just the Drill Driver but if you combine you can enjoy Banes Drill and Blast and the Dig and Drill options. Great fun and my son loved making things difficult for Batman. This is another stunning addition from the @LEGODimensions world and great fun for all.

Ninjago Fun Pack 71239 (Lloyd & Lloyd’s Golden Dragon)

The last one we have is the Ninjago fun pack, now my little one loves to watch the cartoon Ninjago on the Cartoon Network times and schedule I’m sure can be found @CNUKTweets and make a great addition to the other Ninjago characters already available on @LEGODimensions. As with the other fun packs you can of course combine and create new vehicles like Mega Flight Dragon and Sword Projector Dragon in this case. This set didn’t need much of a sell to my son as he is such a fan of the franchise and absolutely loved this add on.

The latest additions have been brilliant and the @LEGODimensions game just gets bigger and bigger with endless possibilities, if there is a game i can recommend then its this one and with the fantastic and creative packs being created the game is endless, HUGE fun for all the family and a Huge 5 out of 5 stars from me and the family! Thank You again @WarnerBrosUK and @LEGODimensions for continuing to bring these sensational characters alive with the Fun and Team packs and keeping the entire family entertained.

Hope you enjoyed!

See you soon….

Gratitude & Blessings,