Review on Liz Earle – My New Skin Savers

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths

Hi there!

Hope your all fine and today I’m doing something very different. I decided to write a review on something that has been a life saver for my beauty routine.

And this is not for the girls and ladies only, but interesting for the boys and gentlemen to try too.

My skin is like a chameleon and changes often with the weather. For some periods of the year I can see my face become very dry and others very oily.

With the winter arrival I found myself with a combination skin on my face. Very dry on the edges and oily on the T zone (front head and nose)

I have tried hundreds of products throughout the years but last month I was at a large pharmacy and I felt very attempted when I saw a stand for Liz Earle products.

That day, I purchased Skin Repair Light Moisturer Combination/ Oily – 50ml tube.

I felt the difference immediately, on the first wash. A week later, my skin had already a “normal type” appearance and anyone couldn’t say that underneath that treatment I own a dry/oily face skin.

Once I saw that the product was working very well, I visited Liz Earle Online Store and ordered Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml pump, which I have received very well packed in personalised tissue paper and lovely presented in a green plastic toiletry bag with 2 muslin clothes.

The Cleanser smells gorgeous and the pump packaging makes the whole experience very easy.

The product is fantastic but because I have the oily T zone, I can’t use daily on the whole face, but on the edges is fine

I didn’t see many other products from this range yet, suitable to my skin type but if it carries on working well like that, it won’t take long to say that my face turned into a normal type.

Well, my moisturizer is finishing and it’s time to me to grab a new one!

The whole experience was very pleasant and I highly recommend this two items. I guess I’m getting addicted!

Liz Earle has my 5 stars!

Hope you enjoyed my post!

See you soon…