If you have interest to know my career, my training and what I do in my day to day, all the information is below…

But only if you want to know about me:

♡ I’m the other you ♡


I’m on this plane of existence, time and space, a being deeply in love for other human beings and absolutely committed to the idea of helping humanity, individually and collectively, to move towards awakening to the reality that we have absolute control of our own lives.

We are all co-creators, the center of our universe, the projector located at the bottom of the movie theater, where the film actually happens, everything else is a blank screen, just the play of light and shadows.

I am a person whose greatest mission is allowing me to be who I am, a perfect divine essence, increasingly – and hopefully this will help you recognize yourself the sacred in you and in all beings.

I do not care what your name is, your gender, your religion.

If you are married or single, if you have children,  studied, what work you do, where you’ve been and what they’ve done, what interests me is whether you are ready to allow flowering and, like a flower bud, manifest abroad that exists within you – what has always existed and always will exist after you are no longer here, although it changes shape.

My greatest desire is to help you understand the truth that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience: We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are the Universe, experiencing itself in our bodies.

♡ Welcome to my universe! ♡

✿   In Lak’ech: “You are my other I.”   ✿

.: What I’ve studied, What I’ve done, where I’ve been and what work was fun:.

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ღ   the God who dwells in me honors the God who dwells in you   ღ