Great News! Reviews on the Way!

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths

Hey Guys,

Something new for my site!
Trying to juggle my busy days which include my social media network and most importantly my little boy of 5 years I often come across many things that are new to me, that said i also upgrade and purchase things that I’ve always used be it a new computer or phone or maybe a toy my sons asked for, and a lot of the time when I tweet pictures I’m inundated with people asking my views on the item I’ve posted online.
So I’ve decided to dedicate a little corner to all these things that come in to my life and that i think people will want a review on.
There will be all manner of things reviewed from something as simple as a new soft drink to the latest gadget my sons got his hands on.
I’ll do my best to give unbiased reviews and hope you guys enjoy, feel free to drop me a line on either twitter and other social medias or via my site if you have any questions and ill always do my best to answer.
For now I hope you like and I will be posting my first official review soon.
Thanks again