DAY 8 – Starting Week 2

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


Day 8


Hi there, beauties!

Hope you are doing very well today! I am a bit disappointed as my two world cup teams left the competition (England + Italy) but anyways, it is just a competition!

I am very happy and would like to leave here a big thank you to the girls and boys from BarbieGirls. I received the most beautiful shop bag in this world, in my fave color: green! I am so much in love with my prezy!

photo(987)As you can see, it is packed. A big bottle of water (2 litres and it was finished by 4:30pm); my shaker, flask, lots of chamomile tea (was what i had, or at least what i found), black coffee sachets, my AQUA pills (im taking 3/ day now but one pill 3 times a day), a sachet of strawberry shake for my lunch and a chilli con carne sachet for my second meal.

For my third meal i just have a maple bar. Actually it’s a shame that the waffers from this industry are not part of VLCD diet, just because they dont offer the vitamins and minerals to complete our needs… but anyways, i am happy with the bars are available.

My breakfast was very basic as well. Black Coffee that I made using my italian cafe maker for 3 cups and i was so mad this morning that i drunk all. My ID Full vitamins pill i took with my black coffee.

Today, I was in my local supermarket and purchased lime-lemon water enhancer (the same as the flavorings VLCD shops offers). I need to report it: was horrible! Good that was just £2.00, but definitely not for me.

I’m wishing a very cold diet coke but i will keep myself a good girl and will leave it for when i finish the diet (oh no…. another 3 But I am stronger than all this junk!

To not say that i left football behind, I just saw Greece make a remarkable end to the match and keep the team on the competition…. Great way to change all the world cup!

Well, time to one more cuppa and pack my (new) bag for tomorrow.

Hope that I have entertained you a bit and please, if you are dieting too, drop me a line! Or if you not dieting but enjoying my posts too!

Wish you a great evening!

See you all tomorrow here!

Love & Blessings,

x x x Paula