DAY 7 – Finishing the 1st week 10 pounds lighter!!

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


Day 7


It’s Monday everyone! A brand new week in front of us, new dreams, new adventures, new experiences!

How are you today? Are you planning something exciting for this new week?

Well, my name become work lately but in between I’m trying my best to squeeze a few minutes to carry on writing this diary and keep strong on my diet, of course! So… today i will be short but sweet 🙂

Actually, I am very proud of myself! I am completing today my first week and yes! I jumped on the scales to see the progress…. I am amazed that over 10 pounds was dropped, what means that i am not that far anymore from my goal!

paulatooths.comTo who is following my diary, probably will remember that I started this journey just a week ago when I was weighting 78 kgs (12.3 stones/171.9 pounds). Today, just 7 days later I am 73.3 kgs (11.5 stones/ 161.5 pounds); This means that i eliminated from my body (and from my life) 4.7 kgs (0.74 stones/ 10.36 pounds). I am prouder than ever!

Today I took easy, the bag was very similar to the other days. As usual, today I knew that i won’t have a microwaves around, so my bag had a caramel shake and a forest berries shake.

My problem today was that i didn’t managed to drink many liquids yet (let’s blame the busy day of work) but till nite-nite time I will make sure that i reach my liquid goal.

When I got home, the multivitamins pills I ordered from MY ID ( was arrived already, so I just took one. (it’s very nice because covers all the daily needs we have and because it is an advanced formula, it will look after my looks too)

Ah…. ladies and gentlemen, as I receive a few messages asking if i stopped to take AQUA (also by MY ID) because I didn’t mentioned the waterflow yesterday. No I didn’t. I still taking daily, but now as i am felling so much better, I take one in the morning and 2 pills before go bed. I find it very useful, at least to me.


Well, time to back to work


*** but before i will rush downstairs, put the kettle on and make myself a cuppa and make a banana shake that for today it will be my third meal. I like to alternate shakes and bars as a treat – but it is me!


Hope to be helping you and let me know folks how you liking my posts 🙂


See you all tomorrow!


Love and blessings,


x x x Paula