Day 6 – I was naughty Today :)

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


Day 6


Hi there!

How is your weekend so far?

Today I will be quick here as my day is mad….. I’m just finishing a new project that I need to delivery tomorrow morning in a big speech… so, fingers cross that I won’t be clumsy 🙂

I have worked all day, and now at almost 10pm I’m working still (and it isn’t a joke).

I got to day 6, what means that tomorrow it will be a week I am dieting….. day to jump to the weight scale and see how good girl I have been. I tried my best, and I can feel by my clothing that I am doing well. I’m not sure weight wise… But tomorrow the scale will let us know!

Ive been running around, so I had my shop-bag last night as usual.

I had my black coffee in the morning and again, I’m avoiding milk…. Maybe because it’s so hot I’m fancying just pure black coffee. Today I had my yoga as soon as I woke up, just because I knew I will not find another space on my day. I used the same sequence I gave to you yesterday.

I bagged double shakes just because I knew I was sharing my day with lovely VIx, who never pack food and to avoid see her eating sweets and general ”junk”, I just took everything in double.

To the first meal, we had my favorite mix shake – I use one sachet of Caffe Latte VLCD shake and one sachet of Chocolate VLCD Shake. It’s a variation and the taste of Mocha that it brings is just a temptation. Shacked well and shared into two glasses. Wow! It taste like heaven! I really enjoyed the opportunity that was two of us to make it, what i really love. Vix loved too and will start a proper VLCD plan this week. She need to put 2 or 3 stones down and I’m talking about VLCD to her for ages.

This afternoon I been naughty….. oh…. very naughty! But I don’t feel guilty at all. Whats happened?

paulatooths.comVix and I cross the street, went to a grocery and got 2 massive round lettuces and a little lime. The lettuce isn’t the problem really, but the lime. Critics can cut the effect of ketosis, what is the system that VLCD Plan lay on. I used just some drops of the lime, a spoon of olive oil (what is very welcome on this sort of diets) and i don’t like salt, so was lime and olive oil really. Me and my friend, we are just crazy for lettuce and as I been so good all week, I decided that i really deserved this treat.

By 4-4ish I had already 3 litres of water, excluding my teas and coffees. And I am still drinking. Good Lord; Today is so hot!!!

About 6 I had a break to my second meal. We had Chilli Spaghetti Bologna. We enjoyed so much!!! Finally, I was in an office with a microwave! I thing every single office should have one! The most has kettles, what you can manage to make the meals but using the microwaves, it tastes lots better.

Well, almost time to my bar now and my little boy (who is wake up and I’m not happy about it) said already that he wants half. I picked the first one in my little box, so today I will have Truffado Dark choco. Funny enough Dark chocolate is recommended to diets because catalizes what you have eaten before and a interesting fact here… I have been studying closely and found out that dark chocolate bars – with no exclusions – have less calories and fat than milk chocolate. If I loved dark bars before, I adore now!

Well, dears I wish I could be writing here for hours and hours but I really need back to work.

Keep strong and see you all tomorrow!

x x x Paula