Day 5 – Starting a happy weekend =)

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


Day 5


Hi there!

How have you started your weekend?

I have worked all day, and still working. Just made a quick pause to write my dairy.

Today has been, so far, a busy day but i must  admit that – at least to me – it has been very enjoyable.

I’m signing a new contract as I mention yesterday, so all day in negotiations, meetings and all the boring part of any work. What made my day particularly difficult (diet-wise talking) because being part of meetings where i have on the table my favorite cookies and chocolates, and hourly served cappuccino and juices. But I kept myself very strong against all of those temptations. I’m very proud 🙂

When everyone was having cookies, Belgian chocolates, cappuccinos and etc etc, i was on black coffee and still water. If i didn’t lose the count, I had 8 black coffees, 6 glasses of water and as my lunch time was passing I had a VLCD Hazelnut Shake. Was a quite funny everybody asking for a shake too and someone from the team went out to order a few ”proper” milkshakes with cream and cherry 🙂

I managed to finish the ”executive” part of the day about 5pm so I hurry to the supermarket and got some bits and bobs to my boys. And again, i was stronger than ever…… Yes, not even a diet coke! Everything I got to myself was 12 big bottles of still water, black coffees sachets enough to my week and some English tea. I checked, didn’t find and asked for help but I found out that supermarkets in this country do not sall liquid sweeteners, so I immediately used my best friend Amazon UK. (The best thing to buy a prime membership is that my order will be with me Monday – guaranteed!)

Already in doors and tons of tasks…. (I’m not a big fan of household but I do when I need to) and my work.

My lovely ”boyfriend-almost husband” (really hope one day he decides to marry me after all this years together lol) made my dinner when i finish my house tiding and was having a relax shower. Today, I had Pasta ala Carbonara (I was planning to have Shepherd’s Pie, but I can’t complaint as he been brilliant taking front before I ask and made my meal.

Since I back, I had already 6 cuppas and going now to the next one. It’s very hot, what makes easier to me drink liquids – hot and cold.

As I am on 3 items per day and the total RDA of vitamins and minerals is just covered on four, I purchased today one item from ID that I had before and I really like. It’s an advanced formula like A to Z covering all we need of multivitamin & minerals and have extras that help our skin, hair, nails, mood….. It’s called ”ID FULL – of benefits Multivitamins & Minerals”. The full price is 10.99 if I’m not wrong, but i had some discounts as I have used the discount coupon I posted yesterday and I had some points as well. Every time you buy from them, you accumulate points that you can convert in products.

And as i promissed, I will bring some exercises to make our days happier. And before you ask, yes, I had my exercise today.

I love Ashtanga Yoga. I’m on it for almost a decade and i would say that it is a life saver. (yep… was mine on day). As i just back to a diet plan 5 days ago, i am very gentle to my body as I am re adapting to this new life style. Well, who think that the unique difficult of a dieter is do not it food is ridiculously wrong!

So, yesterday I made a very basic stretch and today i improved it to the Ashtanga Yoga primary positions. And to inspire you all, I am attaching to this post a sheet that you can use to start too. It is amazing and the results are fast and surprising!

This YOGA ”workout” is easy and fast; and your body and mind will thank you so much!!!

Well folks, It’s a bar time and I’m very thirsty for one more tea 🙂

So, I will leave you but tomorrow I will be back with news, views and wherever happen to me <3

Wish you all a great evening

(sorry that today I didn’t comment on world cup subject, but work took me the chance to watch any!)

Love & blessings

x x x Paula