(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


Day 4


Hi there!

What you been doing today? Anything nice?

Before you ask today I’m very well and inspired!

Today I was ridiculously busy (and crazy – not just as a rhyme). Taking more responsibilities at work and funny enough backing to my graduation area…. but i will talk later about it. Today let’s commemorate something else:

As expected, i managed to send the forms back last night to ‘My ID’ and today we have a voucher… yes!!! A special discount code bespoke made just for us around My diet’s diary! I hope you all enjoy it… as discount is discount I’m proud to post here today the code!

Well, today I could drink calmly my first black coffee just besides my baby boy and my little dog. After that was just a hurry from start till the end!

As usual, I have packed yesterday my shop-bag for today. What i got:

– one big bottle of still water (2 liters)

– one flask of hot water (i just filled up in the morning)

– one chocolate shake sachet

– one strawberry shake sachet

– 6 tea bags

– 2 black coffee sachets

– 4 pills of Aqua waterflow

– shaker

– mini liquid sweetner

– pocket mint strips

I had all my teas and coffees till i back to home. What means that just there i had almost 2,5 litres of liquid.

As I said before, usually i have 6 aqua pills on the first 3 days, what helped me so much. After the first 3 days, specially because I’m feeling very well and have already the relief feeling, I drop it to 4. If i keep that well, in a few days i will drop it to 3/day. Lets see….

Today, again I choose 2 shakes for two reasons – first, because it is so hot here in London and second because i knew that i was going to be long time in a office where does not have microwaves (Hello, hello Mr. Andrew…. how about think about buy one microwaves to your office?).

So, basically I had both shakes in the meeting table, as the most of the teas and coffees as well.

As I made my way  back to my house, the big water bottle had not much in it. What makes me very proud – I drunk at least 4 liters of liquids!

As I worked in the chair all day, I have started today just with basic stretching. No much, very soft to feel better. But next days, I will add physical exercise and talk  about it too. It’s early days…. I must  be very kindly to my body. It is just re-adapting to be in a diet.

So, as soon as i finish this post I will have a bar. Today I choose Truffado Lemon Yogo. It’s very exotic and I like it! (I already set the kettle one – instead have one glass of water before and one after, i will have yerba-tea. (ID has as well)

Before i forget…. last days, I received a few messages asking what is the plan that i choose to buy, and as i answer to all, I’m posting here to help you too.

I like to make a diet plan with 3 items per day, as i’m not to big, but i started on 5 items per day when i was almost 100 kilos. After i dropped to 4 items per day, but was on 3 items per day where i see myself better. I don’t feel hungry and i see results very fast. Exactly as I like!

I usually buy already for 4 weeks (28 days plan) every order that i place, and when i start to use the stock from the last week is when i order again.

On the foot of their page, they have lots of nice sheets and track reports that we can use (and print) under VLCD (sheets & info). It’s free and very helpful. It’s from there that i print the sheet where i plan all the products that i want to order for the next 28 days (84 items is the total that i need to choose). If you cant print for any reason or would like to receive it into a file, drop them a line and they will send to you in minutes.

And finally – our super code! If you want to jump directly to their site, just click on the picture below and when you are finalizing the transaction, use the code PAULASDIARY to receive your discount. Just in case the clicking the image does not direct you automatically, visit their site at

My ID has a current promo that if you are making a diet diary just as i’m doing, they can make a special code to you too. You can write to the help desk using the email You can use this address also if you have questions or need any help. Usually I change messages with Kate, who always sort all for me. But the whole team is excellent.

If you dieting, share your experience with me! Also you can comment here 🙂

Well, that’s all for today and see you all tomorrow here!

Wish you all an amazing Friday night


x x x Paula