DAY 9 – I need more water!!!

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


Day 9


Hi there!

I didn’t see the day pass…. It’s already 11pm and I am working still…. just dreaming to go to bed!

How was your day? Anything nice happening?

My day started as I thought. Very similar to any another day. I had about 10 cafes even before I managed to open my eyes. To who follows me in Twitter saw that it was 3ish in the morning when I finished work, and after not many hours of sleep it’s natural that I was in such state. I’m not adding milk to my early black coffees. For two reasons – one that I love cafe… yes, I am a cafeaholic and i believe that milk breaks that amazing taste and two – that I much prefer be far from lactose. I’m not a proper vegan or a vegetarian, but I have my moments.

I was feeling a quite guilty today as I hadn’t been reaching my liquids goals, but my beautiful almost (maybe one day) husband, realized that i was a bit in panic and made one tea after another, what basically made me lose the track… I have no idea how much i have drunk today. But at least I’m not feeling that guilty anymore.

As I learn this morning that I will be working with Vic all day, I picked extra shakes before I left home. (to be pretty honest I took 4 just in case… 2 banana and 2 strawberry).

Anyway, in between on task here and one there, Vic and I stopped to a ritual. We stop everything to speak positive words and have a meal. So, as usual (more than usual), she didn’t pack a lunch. Good one that I picked for both of us… and believe or not, she ordered a Diet Plan from ID yesterday, what means that when she got home, her box was there waiting for her. So, backing to our ritual, i took front and become the chef of the day. Took my shaker and decided to organize something different. One sachet of banana shake and one sachet of strawberry shake. Tons of ice cubes and cold water…. Shake… shake… shake….. and there was a delicious banana-strawbery milkshake. We drunk it faster that I made it, but it is ok, the fact that made me happy as my ”shaker-lab” made a good job.

All of you know already that I am a sort of revolutionary, love to create and be different (apart from my hair lol). So

We repet the dose on the afternoon. Was hot and we deserved something that made us feel full. I must to say that I am not hungry still and I didnt take my bar yet… actually, I’m prone to take one more shake….. I am enjoying this shakes wave in my life big time!

I coudnt exercise yet (just my brain did, all day with no stop) but I will make my ashtanga when I manage to finish my to do list.

And no time to make nothing extra… (apart from the washing, what I don’t really mind!)… The unique news here, what actually I forgot to mention is that now we have partners to this space. If you look to the right of this text you will see a promotional banner from justhost. Now, my readers pay less for any services, as soon as you going to their site using this banner. Give it a go, click and have a look, even if you just curious. They are brilliant and sometimes give me a hand 3 or 4am! (their live chat is 24/7 365 days a year!)

Well beauties, I really need to stop here as I must back to my work!

See you all tomorrow


Love & Blessings.


xx Paula