29th PAURI – Japji Sahib Pauri 29

29th PAURI is a shield of protection from enemies.  It vaporizes animosity towards you


bhugat gi-aan da-i-aa bhandaaran ghat ghat vaajeh naad.
Make wisdom your food and compassion your attendant; The Sound-current vibrates in each and every heart.
aap naath naathee sabh jaa kee riDh siDh avraa saad.
You are Supreme Lord of all; wealth and miraculous spiritual powers are the tastes of others.
sanjog vijog du-ay kaar chalaaveh laykhay aavahi bhaag.
Union and separation both drive the world; only our destiny matters.
aadays tisai aadays.
Salutation! My humbly salutation to You.
aad aneel anaad anaahat jug jug ayko vays. 
The Primal One, the Pure Light, without beginning, without end. Throughout time you remain same.