Spiritual Awakening: intermediate yoga poses | day 22

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divine within you.”

Side plank

Sanskrit: Vasisthasana

How to do it


Start in Downward-Facing Dog. Turn onto the outer edge of your right foot, making sure that your right foot and right hand are in alignment.


Stack your left foot on top of your right. Lengthen through the spine through the crown of your head. Once you’re stable, lift your left hand up toward the sky. Press the floor away from you with the bottom hand.


Pro tip:For an added challenge, lift your top foot off the grounded foot. If it helps, imagine you’re a starfish.

The benefits


This pose strengthens your shoulders, upper back, and abdominals. It also promotes core and scapular stability, which is helpful if you’re working on inversions or arm balances.


The mind is definitely something that can be transformed, and meditation is a means to transform it.