New Afirmations book could change lives

Ever is a book written by Paula Tooths and at a time when people of the planet are facing more stress and self doubt than ever this really could be a game changer for many who need a fresh direction.
This book is filled with 365 spiritually guided phrases that not only empower the reader but has the ability to change their journey through life in a far more positive direction.
“It’s never too late for a new start in your life. Decide what you want. Believe that you will get it. Live as though you have already achieved it and you will succeed.” – Paula Tooths
This is Paula Tooths fifth book and maybe her strongest yet. A great read and even better to keep close to hand during either difficult moments or simply when you need a little refocus on the day or week ahead.
Available direct through all Amazon platforms along with various book stores.
Source: KGS Media – Press Agents