My 70 Days Path

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths




HI YA!!!



I believed all my life that dreams can come true and most important, it depend on us. Yes…. It depend on our initiative, on our actions, on our wishes to make things different and/ or better. That’s the very first step!

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Then, naturally, the second step, is our commitment – we need to step forward, taking actions that ”match” to our plans.

“Dreams without action are just illusions flying.” – Paula Tooths

My path is not easy still, but I give my best to make it better in daily basis. And, as my nature is, I try to help mankind to follow the same thought. Excuses are everywhere, but when we really want something, we can achieve with no doubts!

 “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” – Jin Rohn

Maybe, this is the right moment for you to leave your comfort zone and start your awaken process. But, just if you are ready to be happy. Are you? And remember, that it will depend 100% on you! On your commitments & actions from now on!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Taking all this collection of thoughts I’m carrying with me for all my existence, I have challenged myself to be a better human being and created a hashtag #MY70DAYS.


#MY70DAYS is a challenge to show you how happy you are! It s a programme of (just) 10 weeks, which daily we can look into ourselves and recon what really bring happiness to our lives and calm to our souls – and maybe has a bit of a lack of your attention in see and feel that all. And of course, claim to abort what is not there making a difference or taking out of your smile! It’s a good thermometer to you evaluate yourself and a compass to start the changes! Let this hashtag give you a hand!

It will just take 1 minute of your next 70 days and can really make a difference.

It’s easy, fun, free and ache-less!

It can be today, the day that all your dreams come true. Are you ready?


1. On daily basis, look around. What brings you up a delicious smile? Or what made you feel as though your in sweet clouds? Or what made you feel blessed? What made your day look in sunshine status even if it is a dirty rainy day outside? Put your heart out! You will be in a better mood, trust me!!!

2. Make of this feeling or fact a simple and short phrase, and/or illustrate it using a picture or clip art. BE CREATIVE!

3. Post it! You choose where! It can be your twitter, your Facebook, your instagram, a daily email to yourself, a special space into your website, or your blog; can be a list in your notebook or marks on your dairy. You choose! I always prefer open social media to be sure that I will follow and won’t give it up & better, all my friends can see my progress and participate if they want to! Use the public hashtag #MY70DAYS (and if you like, you can count it using 1/70, 2/70 or DAY 1/70, DAY 2/70). Just as an example, you can have a look at my first post:

#MY70DAYS 1/70 Today i learn to be direct with others. (and it works! people prone to give you exactly what you are asking for)

4. DO NOT GIVE UP! Be stronger than your excuses!!!

I will post mine on my twitter @paulatooths. You can use the link or follow the widget on the footer of this website.

Let me know who you are and I will follow you too and help you out as much as I can!

“Once you figure out the best part of yourself, you will be ready to meet your most impossible dreams!” – Paula Tooths






MYSELF JOURNEY (I will try to update here too in real time)


1/70 #MY70DAYS Today i learn to be direct with others. (and it works! people prone to give you exactly what you are asking for)

2/70 #MY70DAYS A nice feeling today! I Can Be Myself and It Doesn’t Matter to Me if Someone Else Doesn’t Like 🙂

3/70 #MY70DAYS Woke up with the sun shining on my face! It’s almost summer 🙂

4/70 #MY70DAYS I’m very blessed! I have the best  family & friends in the planet!

5/70 If i dont find a good reason to smile, i create one 🙂

6/70 I re-create myself everyday 🙂

7/70 #MY70DAYS Small steps, but closer to my goals!

8/70 #MY70DAYS My organization obsession saves me time and stress.

9/70 Today I’m focusing on self-care. Taking care of me; emotionally, physically and spiritually.

10/70 I’m the happiest person I know. The point here is what makes you feel the happiest person you know?!

11/70 #MY70DAYS Enjoying every single second of this life with my boys <3

12/70 #MY70DAYS I’m very proud of who I am & what I have become.

13/70 #MY70DAYS i can be better than the person I was yesterday. I’m original & happier every day 🙂

14/70 #MY70DAYS we will often find compensation if we think more of what life has given us and less about what life has taken away

15/70 #MY70DAYS what a day!!! Full of good surprises. i’m feeling so blessed!

16/70  Sometimes u can’t wait 4 life 2give you the green light. *** I love 2 take initiative and have things done. I am a ”doer”!

17/70 #MY70DAYS I’m very inspired today and just want to do beautiful things!

18/70 #MY70DAYS Sorry sadness… but I am so happy!!!

19/70 Worrying keeps you very busy doing nothing…. I love when I am mega busy, for real!!! 

20/70 #MY70DAYS Re-creating my goals! Creating better strategies. This makes me happy!

21/70 #MY70DAYS Sometimes I feel like playing with magic, but I am just creating to live! (or I live to create?)

22/70 #MY70DAYS Turning my thoughts into creation. I love to create new ways, without shortcuts.

23/70 #MY70DAYS I have decided to keep in my path, just the positive things and the ones who make me happy.

24/70 #MY70DAYS Patience… everything is difficult before it is easy….

25/70 #MY70DAYS Rewriting the rules….. because we girls can also run the world!!

26/70 #MY70DAYS I forgive myself to move forward.

27/70 Working hard to merge my dreams with reality. And it makes me so happy :)))

28/70 Good News! & it makes me soooo happy!!!! I am not insane, but I would say a good ‘life’ dancer !!!




 32/70 Love Is Not How You Forget But How you forgive. That was my lesson today!

33/70 Life is short but what we leave is long. Let’s create a better world!


35/70 working in an educational project and it make me so happy!

36/70  Daring to exhaust myself with all the opportunities this day offers.

37/70  People ask me what i do and who i do it for” I do it (all) for ME!!!

I appreciate all the miracles around me.

mile, breathe and go slowly!

I love all the colours I see in my life!

#gratitude is my keyword

Learning never exhausts my mind

Looking after my body!

I cannot become what I want by remaining what i am. change is never easy, but it can lead to a better ”me”.

I am stronger than my strongest excuse.

My ”self” – approval is enough. I Love who I am.

Just for today, I choose to be so happy.

My passions can change my life.

Realizing that my greatest pain become my greatest strengths!

All Grown-ups were once children. I try to remember it every day 🙂

indecision brings our own delays!

65/70 i can’t fall asleep but i sure can dream

66/70 I think positive! Where will your thoughts take you today?