Resistance Loop Bands by StarwoodSports

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths




As the most know already I am exercise addicted and often seeking new products to increase my performance.


I receive this week a set of 4 resistance exercise loop bands from Starwood Sports.


It was well packed and the delivery was prompt. The product is well presented into a reusable mesh black bag. The stretch bands come in 4 different colours and can be used for endless exercises and modalities.




Presented in a black mesh reusable bag with four differently colored, the bands are made of premium material, build to last.

Included to the bag is a little guide to beginners.

As described, very lightweight design and rich in versatility, this bands are ideal for your fitness, stretching, endurance, and physical therapy exercises and can increase your flexibility, balance, and strength quickly.

The bands are ideal for explosive endurance and strength exercise programs, such as Brazilian Bikini Workout, P90X, Insanity, Crossfit, Beachbody, Yoga, Pilates, and a variety of general fitness exercises.

They can also be highly beneficial as part of recovery after Hip Surgery, Knee Replacement, Torn MCL, Torn ACL, Ankle Injury, Rotator Cuff Injury, and Wrist Injury.

The ability to work out all muscle groups is one of the key benefits to using resistance bands. This also provides variety in your workout. Not only can you work out at a park or in your home, you can choose which exercises you want to perform and what muscle groups to focus on.

It is inexpensive and the biggest pro is that you can find a variety of free videos on the internet with exercises and tips.

Starwood Sports also offer a variety of videos and tips on their YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have checked and I can guarantee that they are good ones!

The bands are an affordable workout option, can travel with you anywhere and they are also great for the ones who intend just a quick tone or add easy but efficient workout to a weight loss diet.

I have also tried with a door hook and weight and again, thumbs up. It is indeed an item of quality. After I tested in full each one of the bands and performing different modalities and using different strengths to it, I really believe this bands are at least 50% stronger than the similar available here in the British Market.

My final conclusion: This inexpensive workout option is great of those on the go. If you want to work out in your home or office, the bands take up very little room, but provide a top quality work out. They are able to be adapted to those who are just starting out, recovering from an injury, all the way to professional athletes. This wide range of usage makes this resistance bands a very popular choice for those looking to stay in shape and remain fit for a lifetime.


And the great news is that the U.S. based company just arrived here in the U.K.


You can buy with confidence.


I highly recommend! The product has 5 stars from me, my family and my team.


Hope you enjoyed the post.
See you soon…