#25 Malasana – Squat Pose

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


Also called ‘garland’ pose or ‘garlanda’ pose, it’s a fundamental pose with many benefits. I love this asana and often use into my meditation classes.

The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in. – B.K.S. Iyengar


It’s time to squat down!

Many yogis know this as a great hip opener but it also benefits your internal organs and low back. Malasana facilitates balance, strength, stretch, focus, breath and internal changes in the body. It allows for relaxation as it purifies the entire body.

When practicing the pose, be sure to place your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart then bend your knees to lower your hips past your knees.


Take your time getting into this pose, paying attention to how your body feels as you work through the movements.

  1. Standing along the long edge of the mat, turn the toes to face the corners of the mat and spread the feet greater than hip distance apart.
  2. With a long spine and the abdominals pulled in, begin to bend the knees, keeping the heels planted. Stop when you start to feel the heels lift off the ground. The hips might sink lower than the knees or they might not, depending on your flexibility. Wherever the hips are, hold that pose.
  3. With each inhale, lengthen the spine and lift the chest. With each exhale, sink the hips lower.
  4. To deepen the pose, focus on shifting the weight to the outside edges of the feet and to the outer hips.
  5. You may also want to bring your hands into Namaste, at heart center, and bringing the elbows to the inside of the knees.

Malasana can be a very grounding and calming pose, so try it with eyes closed, focusing on the breath, to see where any tightness occurs. When you notice that tightness, breathe into that spot.


  • Keep your heels on the floor if you can; otherwise, support them on a folded mat
  • Place a big foam block or bolster under your hips and sit on it like a stool, if you feel pressure in your knees
  • Stay in a high squat if your hips are tight and work on lowering the hips with consistent practice of the pose


  • Also considered a restorative, asana for its therapeutic benefits: relaxes the Achilles tendon and the tibial muscle, relaxes and tones the muscles of the hip, stretches almost all body, strengthens the back and the abdomen.
  • The activation of the muscles of the feet stabilizes the arches Plantar.
  • It offers us the opportunity to extend the three curves of the spine. This normally activates the three bandhas.
  • The deep support in the arches of the feet strongly introduces the action of lifting the pelvic floor and the lower abdominal muscles.
  • Aids digestion.


  • Knee injuries (avoid if recent knee surgery)
  • Lower back pain (avoid if pain is severe)
  • Tight hips

Hope you enjoyed!

See you tomorrow!!