MY Diet’s Diary

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths

Hi everyone! Hope you are all very well, healthy and happy!

As everybody knows I’m obsessed with diet subjects and I have helped hundreds of people to lose weight. Saying that, what so many of you don’t know is the big battle i had with the weight scales since i quit smoking in early 2012. It’s natural that we find other replacements to compensate our old ”best friend” cigarets, and I did what the most do: replaced my addiction with food. It was very sad to see pound after pound taking space on my body that some how i managed to keep very fit even after my boy’s pregnancy.

Anyway, i was helping so many of you that I have studied the subject and on my search i found out that the best of the diets is the ones used when people have bariatric surgeries and it is scientifically proven that it is the best solution.

Based in ketosis (which i already explained in a post here a few weeks ago), the VLCD or very low calorie diet, makes us realize where our mistakes are and deal with them.

Well, I was an obese child. When i joined the high school i put all my efforts in slimming down. So I did. I managed to keep my 60kgs till my pregnancy when i reach 70kgs; but as soon i gave birth i was back to my ”normal” weight in a week or so. In between lots of stress I decided to stop smoking after 20 years + being a heavy smoker, so that was the moment that i saw myself gaining weight.

The day i decided to take control of the situation and stop to wear leggings and tunics was last november (2013), when i jumped on the scale and saw the worst number I could: 98Kgs (app 15.5 stones/ or 216 pounds). i must confess that i was crying for a week, but the shock was worth the wake up call. I’m just 1.73m (5’8”) what means that if you calculate the BMI, you won’t find the most healthy number.

On the time, i purchased a week worth of meal replacements to try from just to try. Feeling very well, energized and happy, after the 3rd day, I purchased a deal enough to last for a month. The results were brilliant – i dropped 2 dresses size and finished with 78 kilos (12.3 stones/171.9 pounds). it was the best loss without much effort.

I didn’t gave up, but i had my parents with me for a month, my nanny for other month, my best friend…. after that my annual holidays…. I made a break, and was waiting for a moment to click to re-start and get back as close as i can to my ”normal” weight.

This afternoon, I have received an email from MY ID – with 18 new deals on offer (it is in their home page today) and i decided to challenge myself, setting a diary and re-start the Diet Plan. I placed an order for four weeks fast plan, that basically supplies 3 meals a day for 28 days. Amazingly, it is cheaper than regular eating.

Basically, I like to have one shake, one meal and my 3rd replacement i take one day a shake, one day a bar – so, on my deal i choose 28 shakes for my 1st meal, 28 meals for my second and 14 bars and 14 shakes for my third.

As i am on 3 meals a day, i allow myself to have 50ml of skinned milk in my black coffee when i wake up but no more milk till the next coffee when i wake up the next morning.

The best little secret i have learned is that if i take the meal replacement with one glass of water before and one glass of water after, the chances that i have to lose weight will always will be larger. so, i do!

Because i have so much water retention, i also purchased AQUA pills from ID as well. To me the big difficulty here is drinking water, so i drink Amazonian yerba-mate tea (they also have available in their shop as ID BIKINI TEA) and camomile tea; but i make sure that i drink at least 8 mugs of tea (on this diet you can drink black coffee, black tea, camomile tea, peppermint tea, yerba mate but avoid the fruity herbals).

It’s 10:45pm and I just weight myself: 76.6kgs (12.06 stones/ 168.9 pounds) Even out of the diet for all those days, I am slimmer. But explainable. As i said already, this diet makes us realize our mistakes, and obviously change our life style.

Tomorrow is a big day to me! I received a few minutes ago the dispatch message already letting me know that I will receive my slim box in the morning, so just on time to I start it!

I planned to have tomorrow:

– breakfast: black coffee with 50ml skinned milk

– meal one: strawberry shake (one glass of water before & one glass of water after it)

– meal two: noodles chicken curry soup (one glass of water before & one glass of water after it)

– meal three: mapple bar (one glass of water before & one glass of water after it)

Just on this planning I set already 7 glasses of liquids (app 2,1 liters). So, I make sure that I drink 4-5 more teas along the day.

On the first 3 days I absolutely avoid physical exercise as the body is re-adapting to the new diet, but I will talk about it as well on a regular basis.

Well, if you want to follow my diet, subscribe to my site on the foot of the page. I will post my experiences day by day, I will talk about food replacement and the maintenance; I will post pictures and give tips of diet and exercise… Come with me and we can together, win this battle for life!

A great week to you all!

x x