Disney Parks changing for Autism

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths

The team at Disney made clear that they needed to change a policy that was rife with abuse and was hurting those who needed special assistance at Disney parks the most. We worked with the  Disney team to come up with a comprehensive plan that protected our families ability to enjoy their visits to Disney parks. The goal was for our autism families to be provided with every opportunity to have a day at Disney Parks that maximizes their enjoyment and reduced stressful situations.

Disney has promised that they will do everything to accommodate our kids and our families’ needs so the changes will in no way lessen their experience. The roll out of the plan is still evolving and we continue to advocate for our families, as always. We do believe that the Disney Magic Plus plan that is currently being used at Disney World in Orlando is the best hope for the future. We hope Disney Land in California will soon start to use this plan as well. The plan allows our families to register their children  for rides from home before the trip to the park has even begun.

We above all value and cherish the feedback from our families, and that feedback is how we will be able to gauge whether the program is meeting all of our needs.

Credits to the amazing team of AutismSpeaks.