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‘Total Being’s Enhancement’


The goal of this program is to provide participants through various forms of experiences, expanding the perception of self and other, expanding awareness and integrating different aspects of existence. Making use of techniques of passive and active meditation, creative visualization practices, experiences and dynamics of re-birth integration and acceptance, unconditional love; and facilitators carefully lead the development of the program, within the limits of the individual and the walking group as a whole .

This program has several options according to workload and level of deepening the process, which can be developed sequentially or individually , according to their goals and purposes .

Total being is… You, me, each human being is a Total; much more than just the names that our mothers gave us, we have the age, the profession we choose to represent us in society and our choice of marriage or procreation. Then again, who is the Total Being?

It is the one who opens the eyes every night when you close yours and are sleeping. In most cases, it is only when you are asleep that Being speaks Total, We live so overwhelmed and suppressed by the ‘rancid’ of the oppressive social life we barely realize who we really are. What are our dreams, if we are not offered, through television advertisements, what do we dream? Than we can, if not grow up hearing that this or that is impossible? How can we would love each other, if there were no models and formulas pre-established over years of human history?

The purpose of this programme is to contact the Total Being, who dwells in us from the moment of our birth, but that has existed since long before that and will continue to exist, although they are not here anymore.

Through experiences of guided meditations and active, creative visualization techniques, rebirth and dynamic self-knowledge and human development, participants begin this journey of return to one’s true Self, the true, unique and eternal total being.

Emoji Recognition of Total Being: Provide participants making contact with themselves through various meditative techniques , passive and active. Offer the opportunity of expanding self-awareness, integrating the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies.

Emoji Reconnect with Total Being: Provide participants making contact with themselves and expanding awareness of one’s own body, breath and experimentation of their emotions. During practices, is provided perception and acceptance of different aspects of themselves until now dormant and unconscious, which allows us to bring the day to day a more complete and integrated existence.

Emoji Expansion of Total Being: Provide participants with a real dive in themselves. Through experiential dynamics of passive and active meditation, re-birth, breathing techniques and integration, have the opportunity to align the various bodies of total being: physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. The experiences will build gradually an atmosphere of loveliness that welcomes different “selves” that arise during the process, enabling the resolution of unconscious conflicts so far and strengthening the notion of verticality and purpose of each participant. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties between the living, representing a powerful and self-fulfillment.

This programme can be realized individually or in groups in workshop format, what is more common. In my experience, the © Bloom Therapy + Personal Development Programme © may take from 3 hours (partial) up to 30 hours when completed in full. Those lenghts are average observed in standard condition but may vary, taking individual circunstances on board.