Day 2….

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


Day 2


Hello hello, everyone!

How are you all?

I have had a very nice day. I bit busier than i was expecting, but full of good surprises! (as i posted on my twitter hashtag that i do daily #MY70DAYS – If you would like to be part of this challenge too, you will find a icon with the same name down on my home page)

Who was curious about my choco bar from last night, i must to say….. it was very delicious!!!

Anyways, Today is day 2 and i’m not hungry at all!

I finished my work very late last night and have started so early today… just a few hours of sleep sometimes can make me hungrier than normal, but today i was surprised that it didn’t happen!

As I started very early my day and knew that i will be on the road till late, i just needed to pack all my meals and go… so needed to be something easy and practical – i didn’t know if i will find a microwaves on the places i needed to be – so, I packed one vanilla shake and one caffe latte shake; a big bottle of fresh still water, a flask with hot water, a few teabags and my shaker; and 4 pills of my waterflow AQUA by ID – as the last two i could take before go to sleep. I added a bar just in case i didn’t manage to go back to home on time for my 3rd meal, but it didn’t happen. I managed to get back just on time to carry on working watching the worlds cup match of the day chile v spain (and its very vibrant – i’m watching as i’m writing this post!)

Already on the road, to not get to late, i got from the shop a plain black coffee. At least is a variety from my boring one (sometimes i feel bored with i just drink the coffee i make myself, don’t you?)

So, the day went super well. I made my first shake at lunch time, when i was waiting to talk with a bank representative. People looked to me with odd eyes, but I don’t really care as I am doing something to make myself happier!

In between my school run, business run & household run i managed to make a few teas.

My second shake i drunk when i was picking up my boy from school. Always with a good glass of water before and one after. It just will help speed up your system!

As the Londoner traffic was terrible today, i needed to sort another 2 cuppas driving more or less.

Finally, home!!! I’m working very hard on my liquids. I am drinking as much as i can ( i mean water boys and girls!) to be sure that i release this extra water that i sadly retain. But it’s lots better than 2 days ago. The pills really helping me out!

Right now, I’m just about to pick my bar. For today i will have truffado milk choco – it’s my favorite! Already pick a big bottle of water, as i want to be sure till i go to bed today, ive drunk 4 litres.

For today, I made a little carousel slider with 2 versions of BMI calculator. One where i used imperial and the other metric units. It’s very easy and shows the level that we are. I just dropped after all my efforts to 25 that is the ”division” between normal and overweight, but because i have very small structure, i’m pursuing to reach 23-24, when i will be able to fit on my old apparel.

To use the BMI calculator, just click on my logo on the top of the page, what will take you to the home page of this website. Then you will see on the second line a icon called ”BMI Calculator”. Click and have a look. The Tool is free!!!

I would like to enjoy this opportunity to thank who kindly sharing this tools with my website. You also can use the tool from their website. You will find it on the front page on the right sidebar or on the top menu bar under diet tools.

Hope you all enjoying my diary!

(I’m eating my bar now, enjoying as a child!)

See you all tomorrow!!!

A blessed evening to all

x x x Paula