It’s Day 1

(LONDON) por Paula Tooths


Day 1

Hello everyone!

How are you all today?

I am very well and happy to decide ”re-start” my diet plan.

As informed, I have received my slimbox at about 11ish this morning, just in time to honor my plans.

I woke and had a big cup of black coffee and today i didn’t fancy milk in it.

I had a very busy day, but in between my first coffee and my ”lunch” i managed to fit 3 big cups of yerba-mate tea. I forgot to cut out the lime & lemon that i have normally as the citrics can affect the ketosis. With my last cuppa i had 2 AQUA pills as i said before, i suffer so much of water retention and today was particularly hot.

I had my strawberry shake for lunch… but is almost impossible to me put it down with one glass of water after and one before, so i have replaced the water for black tea and everything went well đŸ™‚

Running from a to b, b to c and c to a, i managed in between to have another 3 mugs of tea and other 2 AQUA pills. I must to admit that it helped lots!

I had my ”dinner” just about 7ish. Instead to have the soup i was planning, I had a vanilla shake because today is so hot (the weather wasn’t really into my original plans). But with this shake i had one glass of water before and one after.

I had already another 2 cups of tea and planning to have my bar 9:30/10:00.

In total i had already 13 glasses of liquid, which means almost 4 litres. I am going to make a cuppa when Brasil vs Mexico goes to half time and has another 2 glasses of water that i must to drink with my bar. So, water-wise i complete my task for today but as i know myself till i go to bed, i will have at least another 2.

Now, I’m just ready to have the last ”dose” of my AQUA pills. 6 in total today. Usually, i take 6 on the 1st 3 days to help the system, them after i reduce it to 3 or 4 a day, depend on how I’m feeling.

I don’t feel hungry but looking forward to have my bar at 9ish pm. I am feeling like a little girl waiting the weekend to have ice cream at grandmas home).

I used the body simulator to illustrate this post and also to track my weight loss. You all can try too using the icon on my home page or visit (it’s on the top menu bar under diet tools). I just love that tool! (and it is FREE!!!)

Overall, I am feeling very well and planning already what I’m going to have tomorrow. I am very careful always on the first 3 days as i understand that my body is re-adapting to this diet. VLCD is very easy to follow, it’s no excuses.

So, it’s all for today and i will be back tomorrow.


Wish you all an amazing evening!!!